Square MILE

Our primary job as the church is to be the people of God in the midst of the world. What can we do as a church and as individuals to make a difference… right here, right now?

Jesus Christ commands his followers to love: mind, body, heart and soul. But how do we do that in real, practical terms? How can we follow Jesus in today’s society with all of its challenges? How should we respond to our community with all of its needs?

These are some of the questions we will be addressing during the month of March.
These are some of the issues we will be looking at through SQUARE MILE.
And through it all, we will be focusing on the immediate context of our lives: the square mile around the places where we live and work and play.

SQUARE MILE will help us look at four areas:
mercy does our spirituality connect with the needs of the world around us? – 4th March
influence are we just passing through this life, or should we be making a difference? – 11th March
life discipleship do we exclude God from some parts of our life? – 18th March
evangelism what makes it so difficult to share God’s love with other people? – 25th March

This March, Christchurch will be looking at each one of these topics in turn.
We would love you to join in the conversation.

Growing More Like Jesus

Our March theme in 2011 is Growing more like Jesus!

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