Welcome from the Minister

Welcome to Christchurch

We are lively community of more than 800 children and adults with diverse interests but bound together by friendship and a spiritual search. About 300 of us have made a personal commitment to follow the example of Jesus Christ by becoming Church Members.

Christchurch is a Methodist and United Reformed Church, which means that we are connected to a world worldwide Christian family of over 125 million people. Our vision, however, stretches beyond buildings and denominations as we seek to fulfil our Christchurch vision to be ‘led by the Spirit’, ‘working in the community’ and ‘bringing people to Christ’.

When I ask people what was it about Christchurch that made them keep coming, the answer is almost always the same: they talk about Christchurch as a friendly place. Whether you consider yourself a committed Christian or someone just looking for a new sense of purpose, you will find warm welcome at Christchurch. We are open almost every day, so why not pop in and ask to meet a Christchurch Member. Alternatively, keep on browsing this website and send an e-mail with any question you may have.

Christchurch Minister

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